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About the Chesapeake Lymphedema Center

The Chesapeake Lymphedema Center specializes in the individual treatment of patients suffering from Lymphedema. The effects of lymphedema are often extremely distressing, as the patient discovers changes to their body, and we work to sympathetically help our patients in overcoming these problems.

Our lymphedema patients are treated individually in comfortable private treatment rooms, and most treatments sessions will last one hour with the undivided attention of a therapist.

We provide our lymphedema patients with advice and a manual containing information on how to control their problem.

Do I have Lymphedema?

If you have any of the symptoms below you should consult your physician:

  • Swelling of an area of the body
  • Decreased flexibility of the affected joint
  • Skin tightens and becomes shiny
  • Depressing the skin on the affected area creates an indentation that does not immediately disappear
  • Clothes and jewelry no longer fit well

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